MoldGuardian™ is all about: PREVENTION!

The only all natural, biodegradable product that prevents mold
for at least 1 year

Introducing MoldGuardian™


Makes The Protection and Prevention Of Mold Simple, Easy, Affordable and Very Effective

MoldGuardian™ Design

MoldGuardian™ was designed to prevent the problem with mold spores and propagules and to prevent mold growth on any surface for up to one year. If a spore or propagules land on a surface treated with MoldGuardian™, that spore or propagules will remain on the surface and be unable to access any moisture for growth and or food . MoldGuardian™ is made of all natural ingredients, is safe, easy to apply, affordable, and prevents mold for one year. It’s not just mold spores you have to worry about. It is the mold fragments! Yes, small pieces of living mold parts flying through the air smaller than 3 microns. Millions of them. Nobody has told you about the fragments, aka propagules. MoldGuardian™ also prevents propagules from growing. Traditional Mold Prevention? (There really isn’t any)—Before the introduction of MoldGuardian™, the world has tried to get rid of mold, but have never been able to prevent it. After a mold infestation, mold remediation companies armed with a limited assortment of chemical warfare could only attack and destroy the mold, attempting to eradicate all the live mold and hopefully eliminate mold spores on the surfaces. But, unless the indoor area is fogged long enough with the precise concentration of chemicals, the millions of untouched mold spores in the air will eventually land shortly after the chemicals have evaporated and begin to feed again. Even so, mold spores will eventually get into the area and grow again.Mold fragments will land and grow. There are many chemicals to attack and eliminate mold, however, none of these methods prevent mold.

Why Is Mold Such A Recurring Problem?

It’s more than spores… Spores: Chemical solutions attack mold and spores on surfaces only. However, the very nature of these oxidizers is that they oxidize themselves and after a brief time the chemicals become neutralized and harmless. Spores that have been floating in the air and/or are brought into a treated room by supply carts, equipment, air currents, humans, packaging or otherwise, continue to live, land on a surface and grow. Mold Propagules: Otherwise known as a viable mold fragments. As mold grows, a hypha (plural hyphae) is a long, branching filamentous structure of a fungus. It looks like one of those swamp trees in the Florida Everglades with hundreds of roots and branches. In most fungi, the hyphae are the main mode of vegetative growth. When disturbed by anything such as contact or even a gust of air, these delicate live hyphae break into fragments and fly through the air. These propagules (their purpose is to propagate), are very small (i.e. even 0.3 microns) which means they can sail through a HEPA filter’s 3.0 micron matrix. Air ducts are a major problem. When moisture in the air meets cold air, water droplets are created. This water pools in the bottom of the air ducts. Microscopic pollen provides an excellent food source.

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