MoldGuardian™ resolves both these issues and prevents any mold from returning for one year.

1. Visible Mold - Spray, wipe or mop MoldGuardian™onto the visible mold and the areas around the visible mold. There may be mold growing next to the visible mold, but you might not be able to see it yet.

Let MoldGuardian™ stay wet on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Then, with a light scrub brush, scrub the visible mold and the surrounding area to loosen the mold. Rinse with water to remove any visible mold. Allow the excess water to run off and then reapply MoldGuardian™ and let it completely dry. You can also do this by using a wet rag to remove the now loosened visible mold.

Mold Stains- Visible mold can often leave black or other colored mold stains.When mold grows, it excretes a very powerful acid which can stain. MoldGuardian™ has surfactants in it which will loosen and hopefully remove the mold stain. It it does not remove the mold stain at first after you scrub the surface and rinse or wipe with a wet rag, reapply MoldGuardian™ and then wait an additional 10 minutes and rinse or wipe. If the stain remains, you will have to let the surface dry and then repaint. MoldGuardian™ will continue to protect the surface under the new paint. However, if you use an organic paint we recommend a light spray of MoldGuardian™ on top of the dried organic paint.

2. Unseen Mold: If you fog a house or spray MoldGuardian™ into an air duct or behind wallboard, the proprietary feature of MoldGuardian™ will cover the mold, dry and create a mold barrier that will not allow any mold to get into the covered area or out of the covered area. It will not allow nutrients into the covered area for the mold to feed on. Mold spores will not be able to escape the covered area.

Why Does Mold Continue
To Be A Problem
"The research here shows it is more than mold spores it is very small mold fragments that are everywhere and continue to grow

Has Been Professionally

and Independently Tested

IMPORTANT : Read the Scientific proof regarding MoldGuardian's Independent laboratory test proving  MoldGuardian™ prevents mold:
  • Eliminate the mold you have and prevent it from returning for over one year.
  • Prevent any mold from growing on any surface for over one year.