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Mold Prevention

Simple / Easy / Effective / Affordable

MoldGuardian™ is a mold prevention product Currently Being Used By Amgen, Celgene and Pfizer to remove mold from their operations and to prevent and keep any new mold growth from contaminating their environment for up to one year. All natural GRAS ingredients make it safe and easy to apply MoldGuardian™ by spray, fog or wipe. MoldGuardian™ is excellent for ventilation systems. Once applied, MoldGuardian™ dries and becomes water resistant, continuing to be a  new spore growth barrier that lands on its surface for up to one year.

How MoldGuardian™ Works


MoldGuardian™ is formulated with hydrophobic ingredients including, polyunsaturated and/or saturated esters, water insoluble antioxidants and vitamins. All these ingredients are emulsified in the aqueous solution and exist in the form of the stable emulsion.


When MoldGuardian™ is applied on the surface and solution is dried, the emulsion is disintegrated and the dried ingredients create a physical or mechanical barrier consists of a thin layer on the covered surface that protects material pores from mold spores and humidity. This physical barrier is maintained by means of Van-Der-Waal’s, dipole-dipole, and other non-covalent physical binding of hydrophobic ingredients with each other. It protects the surface from penetration and growth of fungi.


It, also, prevents the passage of water even after long or continuous exposure to moisture. It does not “waterproof” any surface. Water-resistive properties of the product have created conditions where moisture required for the fungal spore growth cannot penetrate through the physical barrier. As a result, spores and/or fungal cells that were present before using MoldGuardian™ have no required moisture content and there is no mold surface growth when protected with the MoldGuardian™.
Another feature of the product is that the mold spores covered by physical barrier remain on the surface and do not leave to grow on another surface.


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