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Have you tried every other chemical on the market, yet mold continues to reappear in your testing or observation? Why wait for a disaster and liabilities when the FDA finds mold even if you didn’t?  

Your ventilation systems are a financial disaster waiting to happen. Any time you have hot air meeting a cold surface or cold air meeting a warm surface you create moisture. This moisture forms small droplets which eventually accumulate in low lying areas of your ventilation systems far up in the ceilings where no one can see them. Microscopic pollen provides the nutrient rich carbohydrates to feed mold.

Your HEPA filters are no barrier to the viable parts of the mold hyphae that sail through your filters. MoldGuardian will prevent this growth. The safe answer to financial disaster is PREVENTION.

Hotel, Lodging, Property Management, Architects

The discovery of mold can lead to horrendous public relations problems. Your employees and their unions will cause you a nightmare. Whether it’s an employee, guest, contractor or visitor, if they get sick from mold on or in your property, you are in for trouble.

Often, management will say: “So what, how can they prove that our mold made them sick?”

That’s easy!! A simple test done by an indoor air quality specialist can determine what mold species are present in your building. If someone says they are sick from the mold in your building, hotel, school or business, all that person needs to do is have a blood sample drawn and sent to a lab that will test it for the specific blood antigens to see if they match the species found in your building.

If it matches, say “Hello trial lawyers, punitive damages, EPA and remediation.


Who does the customer look to when mold returns in a month or two after you have cleaned their property of mold or water damage? Avoid this problem and cost.

Make your company stand out from the rest and offer a one year guarantee of no mold. Increase your business. A slight upcharge for this service has been well received.


You truly understand the cost of mold. Offer your clients an incentive to Prevent Mold.

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